Rescue at Sea

USS Joseph Strauss DDG 16

July 15, 1980

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Small craft is spotted in South China Sea
A P-3 flies over the refugee craft (black smudge in lower left corner) as the boat is first spotted.

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The Approach
The craft stands in the wake of the Strauss as DDG-16 makes her final approach.

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 Manning the Rails
Description: Shipmates man the stern rails of the Strauss as preparations are made to bring the boat people aboard.

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The Approach
Ops Boss LTJG Mark Barber watches the Strauss carefully makes an approach on the overloaded craft.

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The Boat
The stricken craft is overloaded with 43 Vietnamese refugees.

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Happy faces
Description: The boat people are in good spirits just before being brought alongside DDG-16.

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BM1 Wissinger
 BM1 earns his pay

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BM1 again
Boats Wissinger directs the Strauss deck force in securing the refugee craft alongside the starboard quarterdeck.

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 Craft secured
Craft is secured on starboard side

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The Strauss crew helps the refugees board the ship.

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Medical attention
Crew begins to administer medical aid

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OSC Carlos Bowmar
Chief Bowmar questions some of the boat people after they board the Smokin' Joe.

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