1980 Rescue at Sea

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Activity on the fantail
 LT John Langdell mans some S/P phones on the fantail as the refugees are tended.

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 Boat people on the fantail
XO Charles Simpson (center) supervises the activity as the boat people are cared for.

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First food in a long time
A Supply Department first class PPO tries to get food and water to the refugees for the first time in days.

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"The best water I've ever tasted" - comment from one of the survivors.
Weakened refugees line up for food and water

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Exhausted refugees collapse. These smiles are what it's all about.

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Dry land at last!
The refugees are boarded on Victory Liner buses.

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5 boat people in America*

This picture was taken in April 1981in Los Angeles during our first year in America.
The five people who were rescued by the USS Joseph Strauss from left to right are: Phung Giang, My Nguyen, Peggy Sadler (Phuong Giang), Shelley McElheny (Ngoc Giang) and Kiet Giang.  The little girl is the niece of a relative who was not on our boat.

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Shelley, 21 years after the rescue*

Picture was taken in Morro Bay on my first year wedding anniversary.


            * Photos provided by Shelley Ngoc-Giang McElheny



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