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"Attention Shipmates"
At long last, the "On-line Ship's Store" authorized at the Albuquerque reunion is ready for action.  Our Webmaster, Ray Berilla, will soon be posting a link to the store on the Association's web site.  Ray has done an enormous amount of research and programming to make the store a reality.  Ray has also worked out the details required for the store by setting up and running the enormously successful deck log project.  He deserves a big Bravo Zulu for jobs well done---Thanks Ray!
Our Ship's Store operator, Larry Knisell, has been busy photographing and pricing items for sale as well as figuring out shipping methods and costs.  While Ray's work is complete, Larry's work has just begun.  Our store is on a trial basis to determine the amount of work that will be involved.  We plan to start slowly by offering only a few items and then work our line of merchandise up dependant on your demand---and the availability of Larry's and Grace's time.  If the store proves to be successful and does not overtax their time, we will expand the selections.  Our expansion plans may include the addition of special hand crafted items from our ladies association or shipmates. Please visit the store and provide your comments/suggestions for improvement to any association officer. 


Jim Hansen

president USS Joseph Strauss Association


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