USS Joseph Strauss 2001 Reunion

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Admiral & Carmen Layman
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Capt Elliot
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Rod Keith reports

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Banquet cake

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Banquet cake cutting by Don Elliot

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Chief Bart speaking at banquet
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Banquet entertainment

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Bill Pine

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The Ladies
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River walk

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Crockett hotel and fountain

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Crockett hotel entrance

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Don Elliot and crew

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Full reunion - Captains and crew

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Group photo at the mission

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Hosts Brenda and Rod Keith

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Larry Layman and crew

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Mission - Architectural detail above doors
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Mission -  chapel doors

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Mission -  chapel upper wall

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Mission interior

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Inside walls of Mission

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Mission tour

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Mission wall

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Mission window detail

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Alamo with Travis plaque

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Alamo Entrance

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Mike V. & the Laymans at the Alamo
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Breakfast Saturday

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Saturday in the bus

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