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The Strauss under Fire

Listen to an actual recording of Mt. 51 on a gunline mission off the coast of Vietnam 1970

Strauss mentioned in Newsweek article

Vietnam-era, exact date unknown.


  "In its campaign to interrupt North Viet Nam's flow of arms and men to the Communist troops in the South, the U.S. possesses a large arsenal of tactics and weaponry as yet unused against Hanoi. Last week the U.S. introduced three new forms of military pressure against the enemy's supply lines.

 This was the response to the Communist use of the Tet holiday truce last month to funnel some 25,000 tons of war materiel southward. Each of the three new moves was carefully tailored for a specific and precise military mission.



  Until last week the U.S. Seventh Fleet, patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin, was authorized to fire only on shore batteries that fired first on them or on radar stations tracking U.S. ships for targeting purposes. Other coastal targets—roads, trucks, trains, SAM missile sites—have been taken care of by the fleet's fighter-bombers, whose activity is drastically curtailed during the monsoon month of  March. Last week Navy guns attacked those North Vietnamese targets as well.

  The guided-missile destroyer U.S.S. Joseph Strauss opened up with 5-in. guns that lob 54-lb. shells [Actually 70-pound high-explosive projectiles] from ten to 14 miles. Two minutes  later, the guided-missile cruiser U.S.S. Canberra began firing its eight-inchers, whose 260-lb. shells carry 17 miles.

 The decision to use naval shelling will likely turn March from the safest to the crudest month for the Communists.  The fire-directional-control computers on U.S. warships make Navy guns the most accurate conventional weapons available."

 Photos of the 1980 Rescue  of the Vietnamese refugees
Read Rescue stories


Admiral David Jeremiah


April 17, 2011


DAVID E. JEREMIAH (Age 79) ADM, USN (Ret.) Of Oakton, VA died Monday, October 7, 2013 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Beloved husband of Connie Jo Jeremiah; father of Krista Jeremiah Gautney (Robert) and Jodi Jeremiah Oliver (Andy) and grandfather of Annie Kate and Carolina Oliver. Prior to leaving military service in February 1994, Admiral David E. Jeremiah served four years as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Generals Powell and Shalikashvili and, in the capacity served as a member of the Deputies Committee of the National Security Council.


Previously, he was Commander and Chief of the Pacific Fleet, commanded a three carrier task force in combat operations off Libya, directed the capture of the Achille Lauro hijackers and, earlier in his career, commanded a battle group, destroyer squadron and the USS Preble (DDG 46). Ashore, he earned a reputation as an authority on strategic planning, financial management and the policy implications of advanced technology.


In his subsequent civilian career, Admiral Jeremiah was President, Chief Executive Officer and, later, Chairman of Technology Strategies and Alliances; Chair and member of many national security commissions, panels and boards. Formerly, the Chairman of the Board G4S, at the time of his death he served on the Board of Directors for ManTech International and Advisory Board of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. He had a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon, a Masters Degree in Financial Management from George Washington University, and graduated from Harvard Business School for Management Development. - See more at:

May He Rest in Peace

This space is reserved for shipmates and their spouses. Please email information to  Ray Berilla at webmaster


 We all know of the power of prayer, each in our own way, during serious illnesses, loss of loved ones, and hard times.


So we ask each of the STRAUSS shipmates to include in a special prayer for the complete recovery either physically or emotionally of our shipmates and/or family members from their present suffering. 

                Our shipmate, Bob Wilson has just undergone a 5 way by-pass and heart valve repair/replacement at UCLA MEDICAL CENTER.

Please remember him in your prayers.



---Please submit binnacle/prayer requests to Ray Berilla, or our chaplain Bill Parker. The names will remain on the list for one month unless cancelled or extended by request


Send your email messages of

support to our troops:


 During past military U.S. operations, service members overseas have received messages of support from back home via letters addressed to "Any service member." Due to the increased security this program has been suspended and replaced with an email system.

    These letters are important morale boosters to those who are stationed far from home and often risking their lives on a daily basis.

      E-mailed messages can be sent 24 hours a day. Selected e-mails will be published in the military overseas newspaper, the "Stars and Stripes." Please take time to send some "e-support" to our service personnel and let them know how much their sacrifices are appreciated!

 Barry Coombs

 1st Lt/Comm


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Welcome aboard the USS Joseph Strauss Website






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Pollywogs and Shellbacks will appreciate the new collection of Strauss pictures from 1969 donated by Fred Clark. Don't know which one you are? Click Here to find out.



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Join us in South Bend, Indiana for the

2016 USS Joseph Strauss Reunion.

  From October 19-23. To make hotel reservations immediately for the South Bend Reunion click on the link below:

Cick Here for hotel reservations

Click on "Book a Room" to select doubles or a king room.
The Fleet Fox Report will be mailed soon which will have more information on the itinerary and other details..



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Vietnam ship's logs now available!

     We are happy to report that the USS Joseph Strauss Association now has in its possession a complete set of the deck logs from our tour of duty in Vietnam. The deck logs were acquired from the National Archives in Maryland. We were fortunate to have the assistance of a researcher who specializes in Navy history. We feel that the deck logs could possibly prove a valuable resource for VA disability claims if H.R. 2254 passes (see below). They are also undoubtedly a fascinating bit of history and will surely be an important addition to our Association's archives. In addition to the deck logs the researcher also was able to get copies of the ship's chronologies for each year. The chronologies, sometimes referred to as the ship's histories, are summaries of the ship's activities for each year written by whoever was captain at the time.

    Because of the size of the files the ship's deck logs will not be offered as downloadable files. We will be providing them on CDs - one year per CD. Each CD will also include the ship's history for that year. The deck logs are divided by month on the disks for easy reference. We are asking for a small donation of $10.00 plus $2.95 S&H per CD to help defray the costs of research. The entire set of 7 CDs can be purchased for $65.00 plus $8.95 S&H.


Radiation-related illnesses

The Amchitka Effect

    Recently we became aware that the VA has a list of radiation-related illnesses that could have affected some sailors who served aboard the USS Joseph Strauss. The sailors affected would have been aboard the Strauss on 3 October 1969. That period was when we were near Amchitka Island for the underground nuclear tests. If you were aboard on that trip and have developed any of the medical conditions listed below then you qualify for presumptive service-connected disability compensation. Presumptive compensation basically means that if you were onboard during the Amchitka cruise and have one of the diseases on the list, the VA presumes that it was caused by radiation exposure and grants you a service-connected disability. So all you need to do to qualify is to provide medical proof of your condition and to prove you were onboard at the time, which you can do with a copy of the 1969 deck logs. A copy of VA regulations pertaining to the Amchitka claim will be including on every 1969 deck log CD. Amchitka references are highlighted in the October 1969 deck logs.


The list of radiation-related presumptive illnesses:


Leukemia (other than chronic lymphocytic leukemia).
Cancer of the thyroid.
Cancer of the breast.
Cancer of the pharynx.
Cancer of the esophagus.
Cancer of the stomach.
Cancer of the small intestine.
Cancer of the pancreas.
Multiple myeloma.
Lymphomas (except Hodgkin's disease).
Cancer of the bile ducts.
Cancer of the gall bladder.
Primary liver cancer (except if cirrhosis or hepatitis B is indicated).
Cancer of the salivary gland.
Cancer of the urinary tract.
Bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma.
Cancer of the bone.
Cancer of the brain.
Cancer of the colon.
Cancer of the lung.
Cancer of the ovary.

Note: For the purposes of this section, the term "urinary tract'' means the kidneys, renal pelves, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra.




Click on the button above for more information about the Blue Water Navy and Agent Orange.

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To All Hands:

Congressman comes to the rescue of Blue Water Sailors!

“We owe it to our veterans to fulfill the promises made to them as a result of their service. “If, as a result of service, a veteran was exposed to Agent Orange and it has resulted in failing health, this country has a moral obligation to care for each veteran the way we promised we would. And as a country at war, we must prove that we will be there for all of our veterans, no matter when they serve. The courts have turned their backs on our veterans, but I believe this Congress will not allow our veterans to be cheated of their earned benefits.” - Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Representative. Bob Filner (D-Calif.)

A news release from Filner's office stated:

"Currently, VA requires Vietnam veterans to prove “foot on land” in order to qualify for the presumptions of service-connection for herbicide-exposure related illnesses afforded under current law. This issue has been the subject of much litigation and on May 8, 2008, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals upheld VA’s overly narrow interpretation. Congress clearly did not intend to exclude these veterans from compensation based on an arbitrary geographic line drawn by the VA.

H.R. 969 is intended to clarify the law so that every service member awarded the Vietnam Service medal, or who otherwise deployed to land, sea or air, in the Republic of Vietnam is fully covered by the comprehensive Agent Orange laws Congress passed in 1991. If enacted, this bill will make it easier for VA to process Vietnam War veterans’ claims for service-connected conditions that scientists have conclusively linked to toxic exposures during the Vietnam War and that are identified in current law. With this legislation, Congress will leave no doubt that the “Blue Water Navy” and all combat veterans of Vietnam are intended to be covered and compensated; thus ensuring that these veterans will receive the disability benefits they earned and deserve for exposure to Agent Orange."

Support H.R. 969


 We were there too.



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We also have a sister site with Yahoo that includes an email discussion group and some additional files related to our ship. Membership is free and messages are posted on the site if you choose not to participate by email.


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New Online Services

The USS Joseph Strauss Association is proud to introduce several new online services. You now have the option of registering for membership, updating the information in your registry listing, paying your annual dues or making a donation online. We have contracted with PayPal to provide us with state-of-the-art security for these transactions. You must set up an account with PayPal to use these new financial tools but there is no cost to you for these services. When you choose to pay your annual dues by PayPal  you will receive an annual email reminder when it's time to renew. Renewing is simply a matter of visiting your secure online PayPal account and authorizing the transaction. PayPal also allows you to use your credit card with it's service if you like. For more information visit or click on our link below.

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A 501(c) (3) Non Profit Organization



The Jacksonville City Council voted 15 For and 0 Against and PASSED the resolution to accept the
ACVA Project to bring the USS Charles F. Adams
DDG-2 to Jacksonville, Florida.

Much work still needs to be done.

Make checks out to "ACVA"
Send them to
Dave Myerly
5 Bush Road
Denville, New Jersey 07834

Become an ACVA Member by going to our web site    and click on "Join the ACVA"
and fill out and submit the application.  If you also send a check
for $25 or more at the same time we will assign you the title of ACVA Plankowner with your own ACVA Plankowner Number! 



DDG-2 USS Charles F. Adams  - DDG-3 USS John King

DDG-4 USS Lawrence - DDG-5 USS Claude V. Rickets

DDG-6 USS Barney - DDG-7 USS Henry B. Wilson

DDG-8 USS Lynde McCormick - DDG-9 USS Towers

DDG-10 USS Sampson - DDG-11 USS Sellers

DDG-12 USS Robison - DDG-13 USS Hoel

DDG-14 USS Buchanan - DDG-15 USS Berkeley

DDG-16 USS Joseph Strauss - DDG-17 USS Conyngham

DDG-18 USS Semmes - DDG-19 USS Tattnall

DDG-20 USS Goldsborough - DDG-21 USS Cochrane

DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert - DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd

DDG-24 USS Waddell 

Royal Australian Navy

HMAS Perth DDG-38          HMAS Hobart DDG-39          HMAS Brisbane DDG-41

German Navy

 Zerstörer Lütjens D185        Zerstörer Mölders D186        Zerstörer Rommel D187



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Attention Shipmates!

a message from Association president Jim Hansen:


 If you are looking for a great Adams Class DDG model to build, click on the logo below and visit the home of BaD ship Models:



   Keith Mullen, a USS Cochrane sailor and owner of BaD ship Models, will put together a custom Strauss kit for you. And this is not a flimsy little dime store model. The finished model measures 54 inches long! This kit is exceptionally detailed and as such it is recommended for the serious builder. But Keith is more than willing to provide you telephone assistance during the build process. His price for the model and his technical assistance does not even come close to covering his costs. I ordered a kit and am now in the process of assembly.  I will provide a report at the next reunion.  Please note that the 6" Dragon Adams kit has been discontinued.  Also note that BaD = Bad Ass Destroyer.....and BTW, his model is floatable and can also be outfitted with RC.




This BaD model was recently unveiled in the newly opened Adams Class maritime museum in Jacksonville, FL. The model was donated by Keith Mullen and will have a permanent berth in our new museum.


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We Will Not Forget!




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Your feedback on this website is welcomed. 

Send comments or suggestions to:

Webmaster-Ray Berilla


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